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Mission Statement:  Promised Land Prison Ministries exists to introduce God’s redemptive love to prisoners and their families, so their lives can be restored through the power of the gospel.

Promised Land Ministries USA, Inc. - Promised Land Prison Ministries

Promised Land Bible Institute

If you would like to volunteer for one of our events please contact us. (864) 838-0288


Promised Land Ministries USA, Inc. - Promised Land Prison Ministries

Promised Land Equine Ministries

Promised Land Bible Institute


Matthew 25: 35-36 - 35 for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; 36 I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’   40b  ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Prison Ministry - I just received a letter from an inmate in North Carolina.  Randall has been in prison for several years.  He always attends our prison events and has graduated from our Bible Institute.  He will be released on July 1st and is going to stay with his 89 year old grandmother in Spartanburg, SC.  When you are released from prison you have absolutely nothing.  He has requested that we help him with some clothes.  We are in need of Pants or Jeans, size 38 - 29, Boxer Shorts, Size 38, Tea Shirts and Shirts size 2X , Shoes , Boots or Sneakers size 9.  If you have any of these items gently used it would be a blessing.  Depending on the response, we may have to buy him new clothes from Walmart.  Will you consider helping us support Randall? If you have clothes in these sizes, you can drop them off at the office of First Baptist North Spartanburg. - Thank You for the abundant supply of clothing.  Randall has been Blessed. 


Prison Packet Campaign 2022 

We Delivered Packets on April 10, 2022

Thank you to all who donated and prayed for the inmates 

Will you please donate? Peanut Butter Crackers, Snack Size Cookies, Fun Size Candy Bars, Snack Size Chips, Snack Size Easter Candy, Granola Bars, Lil Debbie Cakes. Drop off at Church Office First North. 8740 Asheville Hwy Spartanburg, SC 

DONATE ONLINE - Click Donate Button.  Bags Cost $6.00 each

The Prison Packets were given to the men Easter Sunday 2021. See Chaplains Note :
Chaplain Gary Lambert
"The inmates at foothills were amazed to receive the packed gift bags from your ministry Jon. They were so thankful and to know who to write, you will be hearing from them soon. Thanks to all who participated in this ministry, you showed the inmates that God loves them and has better plans for them". - Now we are expecting many to respond to the Gospel and enroll in our Bible Institute.
Thank you for your prayers and Support - We appreciate our volunteers , donors and prayer partners.

  Please send your tax deductible check to:

 Promised Land Ministries USA, Inc. 240 Dairy Ridge Rd. Spartanburg, SC  29302

Online Donations - Click "Donate" Button


March 20, 2022 FootHills C.I. Morganton, NC -

We had the honor of holding the first inside service since January 2020. We were able to hold 2 services with 11 new professions of faith in Christ. Our bible institute gave out 7 diplomas along with study bibles.  We will be going twice a month until things get back into full swing

October 2021 Prison Ministry Update

Our radio broadcast ministry will begin at FootHills Prison November 1st. We have also been granted permisson to begin at Livesay Prison in Spartanburg, SC. We will be using a low power transmitter from the parking lot of the prisons to preach the gospel. The inmates will be listening on their radio's.  

Our first Outdoor event will be October 10th in Morganton, NC. We will be outside the fence as the inmates will be on the prison yard. Thank God for the approval for this event.  

February 2021 Prison Ministry Update

I just received word from one of the local prisons here in the upstate of SC. They have a severe outbreak of Covid-19. 95% of the inmate population has Covid-19. Please join us in praying for the medical staff and the inmates who are suffering.


Tyger River Prison - Enoree SC  -  First North Prison Ministry
Inmate Movies in the cell blocks continues - Movies & Popcorn for the inmates - We had 18 inmates watch the movie and we were able to serve popcorn to the "Spice" Bible Study class also. God was Glorified as we loved them like JesusMovies & Popcorn for the inmates - We had 18 inmates watch the movie and we were able to serve popcorn to the "Spice" Bible Study class also. God was Glorified as we loved them like Jesus

Livesay Prison, Spartanburg, SC -  Rev Jon Simone - Rev Dave Walton, 9 Saved - 19 attending

Tyger River Prison & FootHills Prison - Many Transformed Lives! Jon Simone , Dave Walton & Phillip Upton

Promised Land Equine Ministries - New Undercover Arena complete - Petting Zoo under construction

Spartanburg County Dentention Facility - Main Jail -  Sunday Services - Rev Jon Simone & Joshua Greene - This afternoon we went to the service @ Spartanburg County Jail - There was some kind of problem and we almost were canceled. A short time passed and in came 34 inmates and our Service began. 45 minutes later 18 men made Professions of Faith in Christ. What a true Blessing! When I walked out to the parking lot a woman asked me if I had change for $5. I told her I only had $3 and she could have it. She asked me what I did at the jail and I told her. I then asked her "If she were to die today and stand before God and he said why should I let you into my Heaven? What would you say" Her reply was I don't know! After presenting the Evangelism Explosion Presentation on my right hand Neva prayed to receive Christ as her Savior. God is so good with HIS Divine Appointments. 

WAUTAGA COUNTY JAIL, Boone, NC -  Bethel Baptist Church - Prison Ministry
8 Salvation's   - 8 Salvations - with Bethel Outreach Team

SCDJJ JUVENILE FACILITY, Columbia, SC - Phillip Upton  -16 attended with 14 Salvations

FOOTHILLS C.I. Morganton, NC. - Rev Jon Simone & Phillip Upton- 32 attended w/ 1 Salvation - The men were excited about Jesus, 

SPARTANBURG COUNTY JAIL (Main Campus) - Minister Josh Greene
35 men today and all 35 had already prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. I decided to let the men ask questions about the Bible, God, salvation, and the work of Christ on the cross. I believe the men were asking to help benefit their witness to family, friends, and fellow inmates. I believe the Lord was glorified today!!!!

Promised Land Equine Ministries

Hope Kids

Therapeutic Horsemanship  

Students learn skills, such as riding or caring for horses.  Horsemanship skills are the primary objective, however life lessons and other therapeutic benefits may be gained through learning the skills of being with horses.


Ministry Support -

Promised Land Ministries USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, therefore all donations are tax-deductible. Our fiscal year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. A tax receipt will be provided to you no later than January 31st for the previous fiscal year. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at info@Promisdlandusa.org or call 864-838-0288 .




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