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Cannan Farms
Spartanburg County Detention Facility

Another Captive that the Lord has "Set Free". James was a member of our "Incarcerated Church" in Spartanburg. The Lord has set him FREE! He came to our church this morning needing help. I am so greateful for your financial support & prayers for our ministry. We were able to provide benevolence and show that JESUS truly does SET THE PRISONERS FREE! ??

James Page 4-14-16 e 320

Juvenile Ministry

1585 Jonesville Highway Union, South Carolina 29379 

DJJ's Upstate Regional Evaluation Center provides residential court-ordered evaluations for adjudicated juveniles from the upstate area prior to final disposition of their cases. The facility provides comprehensive psychological, social, and educational assessments to guide the court's disposition of cases. The facility serves male and female juveniles ages 11 to 17 from 15 upstate counties and is one of three regionalized evaluation centers around the state. By law, the length of stay for adjudicated juveniles cannot exceed 45 days. The center opened in 1997.

Other Juvenile Institutions that PLM USA holds services: 

Birchwood Boys Home : Columbia SC, Willow Tree Girls Home, Columbia SC,

Midland Regional Evalution Center,  AMI KIDS -Camp White Pines, Jonesville, SC,

Eagle Harbor Boys Ranch, Summerville, SC.  Foot Hills C.I. Juvenile Facility Morganton, NC.

We utilize horses for many reasons. As human beings, our connection to the horse is ancient and intuitive. Horses are mentioned in the earliest recorded written word, illustrating how the human/equine bond transcends cultural and economic barriers. Horses have an uncanny ability to mirror our emotional states. Through interactive, relationship sessions with the horse, participants can gain insight, communication skills, and empowerment, as well as countless other benefits. Read More
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