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Cherokee County Law Enforcement Center

The Muslim religion is exploding among the prison population. It has been an ongoing problem where the offenders are faced with false hope in a false god. It is very difficult to witness to a person who is a Muslim believer. While I was visiting the solitary confinement cellblock at the Cherokee County Jail I met a man who was not very interested in hearing about the hope in Christ.

As I listened to him debate with me why his faith was true and correct. I waited on the Lord and prayed silently. When he was finished I asked him where his god is now. I then began to ask him how many ministers from his mosque came to visit him. I then began to give him my testimony. He was amazed to hear how the Lord spared me from 315 years in prison and restored me beyond my greatest expectations. As I explained the Promise of Salvation he began to cry and asked me how he could be saved, he wanted what I had. He prayed to receive Christ as his savior and he agreed to give me his Koran in exchange for a Holy Bible.

One of the jail officers heard my testimony over the security system stopped me on my way out. He asked me how I was able to convert this man. My response was that I had nothing to do with it. I was just the man who was sent. We both praised the Lord as the He saved another lost soul.

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