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The simple plan of the Master Horseman

Design and Desire

I love my horse and desire to have a special relationship with him. My horse instinctively knows he needs a herd leader and caretaker, and as a horseman, I want to be that leader. He has a lot to learn before he becomes a dressage, reining, roping, jumping, racing or riding champion. My horse will excel at many things, but his journey to fulfillment requires development of our relationship and patience as I teach and direct him, one step at a time. Our relationship will enable him to be beautfiful, healthy, valuable and useful.


The relationship between horse and horseman requires trust. If my horse chooses to go his own way, his rebellion and independence will separate us. Without a leader to care for and direct him, my horse faces the dangers of being abused, hurt, misled or even killed. I want my horse to trust me and understand the great hopes and plans I have for him. A stubborn and untrusting horse will live a painful and wasted life. If my horse doesn't trust and follow me, he is choosing the road to danger and death.

Love I love my horse and am committed to be the horseman he needs. Working consistently to prove my love for him, I will do whatever it takes and pay any price to show him that I am a loving, trustworthy and dedicated horseman. This trust and love is not based on performance, but rather on his surrender. I offer this friendship and relationship as a gift to my horse because I chose him and I love him more than he can ever understand. Respect and Choices My horse must choose to trust and follow me, or he chooses to follow his own path to danger, difficulty, and death. I will gently guide and persuade my horse to follow me, but I won't force him. If my horse continues to choose his way over mine, his life will only become more difficult as he faces an uncertain future. Will he turn to me, trust me and allow me to lead? Will he surrender to me and accept my gift of friendship and love?

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